Drawing on the expertise that comes with more than 25 years of professional experience, Meda Abramyan customizes each skin care treatment to suit clients’ individual needs. It’s our mission to help every client look
and feel her most beautiful.  

Our Facials

Express Summer Facial30min $75.00

Package of 4 treatments $225

This custom organic facial is designed lightly exfoliate and balance the skin.

Steam, cleansing, exfoliation with Honey almond Scrub, traditional facial massage and masque are all included.

Designed for all skin types.

Ultrasonic Scrubber with Facial
60min $175.00

Package of 4 treatments $525

Ultrasonic devices feature vibrations, which basically “jiggles” out impurities from the pores as it exfoliates the surface of your skin. Its also designed to make your favorite skin care serums penetrate your skin more deeply for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

24K Gold Facial
45min $155.00

Package of 4 treatments $465

This treatment is meant to firm and lift, while treating dry, mature and wrinkled skin. It helps nourish the connective tissue and rejuvenate stressed skin. This treatment restores the skins suppleness and resilience.

24K Gold Facial will give your skin a boost of vitamins, minerals and long lasting vital ingredients to help you look and feel radiant.

Chemical Peel
60min $135.00

Package of 4 treatments $405

Glycolic Facial is great for addressing fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation and dry skin. Glycolic exfoliates lifeless cells and allows emerging new skin to absorb more oxygen and nutrients critical elements for healthy, vibrant skin.

No Needle Mesotherapy with Hydro-Frequency $435

Package of 4 treatments $1,305


No Needle Mesotherapy seeks to achieve the same aims as injection mesotherapy, but looks at ways to encourage the penetration of active ingredients, when topically applied to the skin, through the protective barrier layers of the skin’s surface using mild electrical currents to assist the transportation of the substance between the skin cells. Using a pulsed low frequency current, with adjustable intensity, it delivers a particular waveform which ionizes the molecules in the active ingredients used in the treatments, and creates small channels in the skin for the ingredients to travel down. The head of the device is similarly charged to the ionized molecules and as it moved across the skin, it repels the molecules deep into it. Ingredients contained in water soluble molecules permeate the skin’s natural lipid barrier and then cascade through the tissue beneath via minute channels created between the cells. 



Diamond Microdermabrasion with Facial
60min $195.00

Package of 4 treatments $585

This treatment offers effective skin peeling for all skin types. it also stimulates production of new skin cells, collagen and elastin. This exfoliating process occurs with the polishing action of a diamond tipped head combined with the cleaning action of a vacuum. This treatment will leave you with smooth skin and enhance facial glow.

Oxygen Facial
60min $175.00

Package of 4 treatments $525l

The oxygen facial targets reviving the skin! Each treatments is customized to your skin type: providing rejuvenation, increasing luminosity, restoring moisture and protecting against future breakouts.

Facial includes: cleansing, exfoliation, customized O2 activator, massage, mask and oxygen mask.

Acne Treatment
60min $165.00

Package of 4 treatments $495

This facial addresses the main areas of concern for clients dealing with acne: inflammation, bacteria control, exfoliation and modulating oil productions.

Acne treatments utilize a unique combinations of exfoliating enzymes, seaweed and dead sea minerals, resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion.

Hydra Dermabrasion Facial
60min $225.00

Package of 4 treatments $675

Hydra Dermabrasion & Exfoliation, cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, revitalize and purity. While address fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, dehydration, closed pores, acne & more.


Additions can be added to all Facials for an additional fee.

  • Galvanic Spa $50
  • Eye & Lip Treatment $50
  • LED Light Therapy $50

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